Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Welcome to Bedhead Designs

I am so excited to start my Bedhead Designs blog! I have wanted to make my business feel a little more personal. I think this will be just the ticket.

I saw this quote on a fellow crafter's Facebook page and had to share it. This is EXACTLY how I feel about my business! I put my heart and soul, and often sweat and tears into my headboards. I'm not sure if anyone will ever fully appreciate what goes into creating an order unless you have done it yourself. But, I don't mind. It fills a space in me, satisfies me. So, I keep doing it. I get so excited when someone wants to own something I create. It is a deep honor. And, it propels me to want to create again! Check out my Etsy Shop, Bedhead Designs, for all my latest designs.

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