Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Can you tell I like spray paint?

Yikes! Can you see my little assistant in the photo?
I love spray paint! Can you tell?  Here is another quick and easy DIY spray paint make over. I bought this hideous little nightstand at a really divy 2nd hand shop (those are my favorite kind!) for $2.  It isn't even made of all real wood. It's got laminate on it. BUT, you shouldn't let that scare you off. There is spray paint now that specifically says it's made for spraying plastics and such! How nice it that?  I do have another cute little nightstand that is solid oak that I painted the same as this one.  I bought that one for $5 while purchasing another table. (that is a blog for another time) They are both in my boys' bedroom and they look great together!
Back to this nightstand, I loved the handle on it! So cool!

On to procedure.  Wash down your project with a little soap and water. Let it dry completely.  Take off any hardware. Wash that, too, if you're keeping it.  Now for the fun part. Start spraying away. Remember on  my last post, I told you how to spray. Use long even strokes.  Start on one side of the table and sweep across and a little beyond it.  Hold it 8-12 inches away, so you don't get pooling or runs. Do the first coat, let it dry a few minutes. (if you do it outside like I did, it will dry really fast!) Then do another coat. Be sure to spray evenly, or you will be able to tell where you go it on too light or too heavy. If you need to practice, get a cardboard box and spray paint that til you master your technique.
So much better!
How darling is that?!

The oak nightstand. Nice!

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  1. WOW! What a huge difference just a little spray paint makes! I have so many ideas running through my mind after reading this post! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Looking forward to co-hosting the Oh My Heartsie Girls WW again with you this week!