Friday, March 7, 2014

DIY: An Old Chandelier Gets a New Look

We bought an old farm house that needed to be gutted and given a new life. It was right up our alley. My hubby and I love an adventure and we work well as a team.  He has the know-how, I have some vision. And when the project is bigger than I expected, he is my bailout man. He saves me quite often, and I love him dearly for it!  We had fun making it  new and beautiful again. After the worst of it was done, it was time for finishing touches. We needed a dining room light. I went to the local home improvement stores and perused several times, but couldn't see what I was envisioning. I finally bought one just because we needed one and it was on sale. As soon as my hubby hung it, I knew it was all wrong. Poor guy and my darn vision!  So, I went on the hunt for my dream.  I enlisted the help of my savvy sister-in-law and she finally found what I was looking for at a thrift store! $16 and a can of off brand 'Antique White' spray paint and the rest is history!

This is a super easy project that anyone can do in an hour. (After you find the perfect chandelier, of course!) First thing to do it wash it down. Make sure all the cobwebs and gunk are gone, so the paint will stick really well. I taped off the white 'candle' parts with masking tape because they were in good shape after I washed them up.  You can buy replacements at a hardware/home improvement store.  Then I just started spraying. When you use spray paint, hold the can about a foot away and do wide sweeps. If you are too close, it will go on too thick and you will get runs. Start spraying before you hit your target and then keep spraying past it. Make sense? This will give you a smooth finish.  It takes practice and some patience, but it's worth it.  I did 2 coats. I also sprayed the chain and the electrical cord so it looked uniform.  Hang it somewhere to dry a few hours, and then have your electrical savvy go-to guy put it up for you! EASY. AS. THAT!!


 I absolutely LOVE how this turned out! It was so easy and so satisfying. Go find one and get creative.

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