Thursday, March 27, 2014

DIY School

I thought I would get a little personal today. I wanted to share another DIY project I have been working on. This is the best one I have done!

I started homeschooling my 3 school aged kids in January. (I also have a preschooler.) They are smart, well-behaved, good children. But, I have heard 'alarms' going off in my head and heart for a couple years now. I got involved at our middle school hoping I could make a difference. We got the parent teacher association going again and I felt like that would help. We have good teachers in our area, but I felt like there wasn't any accountability to parents there because there hadn't been any parent involvement for a long time.  I wanted them to see parents in the schools again, and remember that we are ultimately in charge and have a say in what goes on in the schools.

In the end, though, I felt strongly that public school had nothing left to offer us.  My kids were actually happy when my husband and I talked to them about being homeschooled. My older two were tired of the negativity all around them. I felt like their spirits were being broken and their attitudes were quite stinky! I really haven't liked the changes to curriculum, and that power is being taken from parents and local leaders. I didn't like some things my kids in middle school were reading and the version of history they came home with.

So, I gave them a couple weeks to tell their friends and get used to the idea, and then, they came home. My heart is at peace. FINALLY! I knew something new was coming to our family, but I never expected it to be homeschooling. It's the best thing we have done, though. I feel like my kids can just be kids. They get plenty of play time, which is SO important for their learning and confidence. They get to study subjects THEY are interested in. We can tailor their subjects just for them. We can go as fast or as slowly as we need to. I felt like public school was turning them into little robots.

I have heard that some people got a lot of negative feedback from those around them when they made the leap to homeschooling. That was not my experience, I am happy to say.  I had some tell me I was crazy, but believe me, that is NOT the first time I have heard that, nor will it be the last I am sure! I had a lot of moms say they admired me or thought I was brave. But I just feel like I'm doing what's best for my kids. I feel this is what God wants for us, and I am willing to do what I feel He knows is best for us.

If you have ever felt like you could never do this, I totally get it. I NEVER expected us to be a homeschool family! I would say, though, if you are at all curious of how it would be, or if you have felt the whisperings that something's not quite right for your kids at school, BE BRAVE! Take a leap of faith! If it isn't right for you in the end, you can always go back. Even if that's the case, you have set a great example of going out on a limb and trying something new for your kids to see. They learn from watching us learn and struggle and succeed and fail! Nobody's perfect, so why should kids think their parents are? How will they know they can raise families, too, if they don't see that we are just human just like them? Isn't that a good lesson for our kids? When they see us struggle with things, they understand that that is the normal way of life. Working through things is what life is all about. Making things work is what it's all about. So, follow your heart. And that doesn't just go for homeschooling, that goes for life in general!

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