Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Daily Family Devotional--Part 2

Part 2. Once you have the inspirational devotional down, you can add a new element to it--becoming a Constitutional Family.  

I will remind you it is important not to throw too much at your family all at once. If you have young children or teens, you may be hard pressed to get them to pay attention for long periods without lashing out irrationally in some form!

Another thing to figure out is what time is best to do this with your family. Morning may work best for some, but others might prefer to do it at night. I liked sending my kids off each morning with some truth, light and inspiration to help them feel strong and happy and help them make good choices during the day. Decide what works best and be diligent in doing it every. single. day.

So, how do you start to be a Constitution loving family?

Start out with a prayer. Ask God to bless you with his Spirit. Ask for clear minds and receptive hearts to abound! Ask for whatever else you need. Be sure to thank Him for all his blessings.  Next, sing a hymn or patriotic song. This year, we are going to learn all the patriotic American songs I can think of! My children haven’t learned them in school like I did. ‘You’re a Grand Old Flag’, ‘My Country Tis of Thee’, ‘God Bless America’, ‘God Bless the USA’ , 'The Star Spangled Banner' and any others that come to mind will be on the docket.

Next, do a little bit of scripture or other inspirational text study. (those videos I was telling you about would be great here, too)

Now, on to the main topic. Does it sound daunting to you to teach about the Founding Fathers and Constitution? I know I was intimidated at first. I must admit, I don’t know much about the Constitution or the Founding Fathers or the Revolution. The biggest thing I had going for me is I am passionate about it! I have a strong desire for us to know about our Constitution so we can be informed and proactive citizens!  I found a fantastic, easy to understand book and some online resources that have been really great. The book I have chosen to teach from is called ‘The 5,000 Year Leap: A Miracle That Changed the World’ by Cleon Skousen. It is AMAZING! It’s concise, easy to understand and it’s quite a conversational read. I feel like I can hear Mr. Skousen speaking it.  I am still not done with it, but I’m ready to teach what I have learned. We will be going small section by small section. I will have a big notepad to write important info on so we can memorize things as we go. This one is all about the Founding Fathers, and what led them to be passionate about starting a new country with a totally new form of government. What principles were important to them? Why did they feel they were so important? You really get into their heads and see why they believed what they did. It all rings very true to me as I read. It all makes perfect sense. I am beginning to see that much has changed from their original inspired document.  I shake my head as I see how they knew what could happen if we weren’t careful. They tried to put in place protections, but, people have changed things and taken out those safeguards. They knew all this because they were in the middle of the tyranny from a Monarch and knew there was a better way and they were led by God to form this country. 

Another great resource is the National Center for Constitutional Studies. You can get copies of the Constitution here. There is even a free online course about the constitution here that I took and it's very helpful. One more place that has tons of ideas is Homemakers for America. Again, there is tons of info about teaching liberty to our families. 

I know as we begin to teach these correct principles to our families, we will become closer. We will also be very knowledgeable about some very important things! Our country is in a disturbing time. Liberties are being threatened. I feel a strong need to teach my family, so that they will learn to be thinkers, but more importantly FEELERS. I want them to be able to feel when something is a correct principle or a false one. We need to be independent souls who can figure things out and then act on the impressions we receive. It will take great strength and courage. I am confident as we teach our families daily from Holy Scripture and other Sacred Writings, like the Constitution, our country will be in great hands in the future!

Watch for 2 more posts on this topic: Cottage Meetings: Teaching our neighbors to revere liberty, and, Teaching Children Your Values Using Current Events. And Part 1 of Daily family devotional.

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