Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Make Your Dreams Come True!

Prints from Lettered&Lined. Frames and mattes from a thrift store and spray painted gold.
Do you remember the scene from the movie Napoleon Dynamite where he doesn't have a presidential candidate speech prepared and his wise friend, Pedro says, "Just tell them, If you vote for me, all of your wildest dreams will come true."? Wouldn't it be great if making your dreams come true was as easy as a vote?  In reality, making your dreams come true is usually A LOT of blood, sweat and tears. There are setbacks and then some victories. It's quite a roller coaster ride! Today, I'm talking about how to keep your focus, and start to make those dreams come true.

 I love New Year's! I love the thought of a fresh start, the new possibilities. It's a clean slate. I always feel like I can do anything that first week of January! Anybody else feel like that? AND THEN the second week rolls around! I get distracted and start forgetting my goals and my high hopes!

A few years ago, I was introduced to a fantastic concept called Dream Books! I got together with a bunch of friends with a 3 ring binder and a stack of old magazines in hand! My friend in charge of this event had glue, scissors, more magazines and colored paper for us to use. She then set out the plan:


She shared with us that 85% of the things in your dream book would come true, if you kept that book out and looked at it often throughout the year as your are living and working toward your goals.

In my opinion, 85% of my dreams is pretty darn good!

In daughter's room. Print: lettered&lined
Since that time, I have had my family make these a couple of times. We have some big goals as a family, and I have some big ones for myself and my business this year, so I had us do them again. I love seeing what my kids come up with. I usually give them a quick pep talk about goal setting. I say things like "think of a big goal, then break it down into smaller short term goals that will lead to that big one". Yada, yada, yada. I get some eye rolling from the older ones, and some frustrated grunts from the younger ones, til we get to the crafty part of the assignment. Then, I tell them to think of some goals to better themselves personally, or in school, or in a talent they are pursuing. Whatever they want really, it's their project! I love the words that jump out at us as we scour magazines for the perfect lines or pictures to add to our books.

Now, you can make a book with different pages and some sections (like money, personal, business, home, spiritual, etc), or you can make a board of any size and fill that up to hang on your wall. Use whatever method will help you keep that focus. I use the boards for my kids because I can hang them on the wall by their beds and they can stare at it as they are waking up or going to sleep. (and maybe by osmosis whilst they sleep???!!! ;D)

I made a book because I can add more to it and focus on topics. Here are some pictures of our work to help get you inspired to get your goals up and in the open, so you can make them happen. Your family will see each other succeed in making dreams big or small come true! What an awesome thing to teach your children. Decide what you want, and go for it. Work hard to make it a reality.

Here is a great goal-setting printable from Homeschoolapalooza! Go print it out to keep a laser focus on a goal.

And finally, I have sprinkled in some of my favorite quotes, and a link to where you can pin them or buy them! (I am not affiliated with any of these fine shops, by the way. I just truly love their work!)

Happy New Year! 
Education goals for kids
Family page
Financial page
Me page

This one is being shipped to me now! House of Belonging

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  1. These books look so good! I love now you can personalize each section for each child. If I made a book I would get frustrated because it wouldn't look the way I want it to...cause that is how I am.

    1. Oh Rebekah! Don't get frustrated! Get creative and open your mind! It's amazing how excited you get as you look through magazines and see all the possibilities! I am confident you would love how it turned out because you can express your true wants and wishes in a way that is so tangible and delightful to your senses! Good luck. If you do make one, send me a picture of it! Best of luck to you! Nikki